Brand Products

We Have Our Brand Of Products:
Smart Phones . Laptop Computers
*Tablets . Kids Educational Tablets
*Television sets . Blenders. Water Kettles
and many more...


Brich Vehicle Security(BVS) . One Child One Tablet . TuaTuaGye (TTG)
*Brich Robotics * Brich Home & Office Security * Brichhub


We offer various services in
reference to some of our projects, these
include: Web Development & Maintenance, Software and App Development,Surveillance (CCTV) and Alarm installations,
Digital marketing,

We Make Life Simpler With Technology

As an I.T Firm all our efforts are directed at solving the daily needs of the people in environment, country, our continent and beyond, and for this reason we embark on these projects to make life easier in our part of the world.

We help secure your vehicle from theft, drivers misconduct or even the vehicle being stolen too.

This project provides a solution to all persons and organisations who own vehicles, our system allows you to track gps location of your car, lock and unlock your engen from your smart ph… more

One child one Tablet is an initiative of Brich Company Limited to equip every child within West Africa and its environs with an educational tablet pre-loaded with learning content and materials that makes education convenient for all children.

Modern technology that makes learning fun and simple for children and their guardians as well, and this project aims at helping every child to own an educational tablet to themselves .

This Project is to offer flexible installments payment terms and conditions to help customers get their desired products purchased online.

If you need a product and you want to buy it but do not have the money to pay upfront? This Project will make it possible for you to pay in bits towards that product and when you complete payment within a stipulated period of 3-6 months depending on the product price of the item .

This Projects is made simple with an android and ios mobile application


Upon completion, you can pick up your product from any of our offices or request to be delivered to you.

NB: Just a few steps to get yourself started:
-Select a product
-Start Payment
-Track your payment progress
-Complete Payment
-Receive product

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BRICH HuB is the community for tech entrepreneurs and startups, We enable tech professionals and entrepreneurs to connect, share, solve problems and create opportunities together. We aim to do this through our training programs, mentoring sessions, and  community interventions. 

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We have  Sleek and Quality Smartphones,

Laptops , Tablets and Kids Educational Tabs.

Very durable with the latest Technology  assembled and sold in Ghana and also

available on the International Market. At Brich

all our products and services are rendered

with the Fastest Available Technology. 

Check Out Our TuaTuaGye


Buy anything you want, Cash or Pay in Installment




Our Various Departments

our company operates under these departments


This department is in charge of making sure every product and service of Brich Company Limited.

This department covers product sales, advertising, promotions, etc.

I.T & Software

I.T & Software department of Brich Company Limited makes sure that every software, data & information, hardware & technological assets if fully operational and functional in its full capacity.

Service support

Service Support works with the Brich Vehicle Security (B.V.S), they Help customers to track, Monitor, locate and perform all other duties required to serve our clients and customers in regards to all our B.V.S services.

Technical Team

the Technical department deals with all works in regards to Vehicle Security, CCTV installation, Access Control, Alarm systems and all technical related works in the company.

Customer service & call centre

Personnel in this department are the recipients of customers whether through phone calls or customers who walk in our office. Every problem, complains, reports or any suggestions go through them before its attended to.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation  department is for assessment of performance ,programs and project of Brich company. our goal is to improve the current and future output of the firm.

Graphics & Brand

Everything in regards to branding and graphical content is from our Graphics and Brand department:  be it flyers, banners, info graphics, animations, roll ups, employees dress code, giveaways and souvenirs, etc.

Online & Media

Online and Media promotes the brand products and services of the company, and makes sure we serve customers acquired through our digital and online presence with our media and graphical content.

Delivery Team

Every item, service or product Brich Company limited renders goes through the Delivery department and they make sure that they are delivered to the cherished customers safe and intact.

Fastest Technology.....

We Use The Latest Technology With Global Standards.

Makes Learning Easier, Fun And Entertaining

The perfect learning companion for your children


Most frequent questions and answers

We are an Information technology firm that seeks to influence west Africa and its sub regions through our various Products, Services and Projects

Products are: Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Kiddy Tablets, Televisions, Blenders, Home theaters, Water Kettles, etc.

Our products are assembled and installed right in Ghana.

We sell our products and services to the individual citizens of Ghana, West Africa and beyond. And also to corporate businesses or institutions, organisations and corporations.

We have four(4) projects:

  • TuatuaGye
  • Brich Vehicle Security (BVS)
  • One Child One Tablet
  • Brich Robotics
+233 277500001
Taborah - Scorpion, Greater Accra.
House Of Kings Building
Abeka - Fadama Junction, Greater Accra.
On The Same Street With Harrow School